Orphans cloths community peace Initiative

Orphans cloths community peace Initiative

As this is natural and everyone knows that orphans are more deprived people in the community, and in the cause of Afghanistan war orphans. This time again community come up with the idea of cloth for orphan children

Pachar agam is the only district in Nangarhar province which has more orphans in comparison with other districts.

Recently, YVO, in support of the PVU, implemented an emergency project for war orphans in the community, which was greatly appreciated by the families with whom orphans live. Prior to the war orphans cloths CPI, this CPI discussed with the peace focal point of the relevant district how it’s possible to purchase fit-to-body cloth for the orphans. We all together searched for toilers in Nangarhar city and district level, and finally, we found out if we sew in the inside pachir agam community, the cost would be managed.

After we confirm the toiler, we search for the cloths to purchase. We search in Jalalabad city, which has the best quality at cheap rates, and we select the best quality at cheap rates and transfer the pieces to Pachira gam for sewing. Each war orphan must come to the toiler for their sizing; it is important for the toiler to be able to measure war orphans accurately in order to choose the correct size.

The activity in this CPI was as follows:

Understand that orphaned children who have lost their fathers in the war should not give up and must continue on the right path.

Incorrect wording: life is beautiful, and we should live in peace and harmony. It’s better to start from zero and forget about hate and revenge (peace awareness is done for them).

Providing mental support for orphan children during the event, the orphan children in the same session took part in expression activities that were drawing to ease the pain of their memories, and this way the symptoms of post-traumatic stress were relieved. For this, we prepared the drawing activities using color and painting. Children used colored pencils, using color stimulates creativity, forgets pain, and, more importantly, encourages children to self-express

Not only expression and activity, but also fun were important to these children.

The game was played by all of the orphans in a circle. We form circles to play games, and have a group talk before how to play. This game is easy to monitor, ensure that participants are on equal ground (no one is at the front of the line, etc.), and enable everyone to see and hear one another.

 This game is called Dabale (). This circle game is really easy to organize and set up in urgency. Most of them don't require much preparation or materials, so anyone can get a game going without a lot of effort. One child moves around the circle and hides and leaves a soft objective behind the other child who already formed the circle, In the second move, if the child does not recognize the objective is behind him, the person who moves to holds up the soft objective and beats the children slowly until he comes back to the place and the soft objective is over to him. In this way, children become happy and their war mind is supported.

Also, some children expressed their thanks to YVO, and one child told the poem to other children. The message of the poem was to stop war; it’s enough. And let to gather work for a peaceful Afghanistan.