Book club villagers peace Initiative

Book club villagers peace Initiative

Chparhar district villagers, in support of YVO, implemented a book club as their CPI (community peace initiative) and encouraged youths to read with an open mind and to use their reading to stimulate thought and discussion about family level peace.

Male villagers participated in this CPI, and eventually, and step by step, this CPI will help youth and literate people arrive at their own definition of family-level peace by revealing it in books.

In the opening of the book club, YVO talked about the importance of reading and also heightened the peace of learning through reading, especially among literate youths, He encouraged that not enough males should read; if there are any literate females in your home and, due to security, they are not able to come to the book club, their relatives and brother could borrow books for them, and after the reading, they would need to resubmit to the book club.

After the reading of the books, the books come back to the home library, where many other villagers will have a chance to borrow them.

Also in this CPI, the responsible person for the library at the community level had a chance to talk about the book club and introduce the books to the participants, Along with the YVO team, they introduced the  old and new books to the participants and explained the role and regulation of how someone could borrow books from the library.

Not only talk about how to borrow books but also talk about the importance of keeping books in good condition while they're with them during reading.

Further, the objectives of the book club were explained to the participants, and because they wanted to spread the message in the village as much as possible, they added the aim of this book club as follows:

Introduction to peace through books

Education of violence by promoting reading books.

Build peace and tolerance between villagers by having them together in the book club.

Promote freedom and tolerance.

creating the source of reading (this library is the only source of reading in some communities).

A total of around 264 volumes were purchased and introduced to the participants.

I also explained the contents of the books in detail and encouraged the participants to find more youths to come to the club and keep it open regularly.

also, encourage youths to borrow one book at a time after reading they can borrow a second once and after they read and understand the content of the book.