Three communities come up with the initiative of Green Peace Action

Three communities come up with the initiative of Green Peace Action

Steps for starting and managing a peace garden:

Step 1: YVO had a meeting with three community focal points and community residents, The focal points' involvement ranged from direct planning to supervision of the peace garden.

Step 2: The YVO peace team and volunteer peace focal points together choose the site that has good enough water and address the compacted ground before beginning planting. and write messages for the day of planting.

Step 3: Selection of the Proper Places for the Peace Garden There were many options we selected for the Rodat community: a public place nearby one madrasa; in Chaparhar, also one community place; and in Pachir Agam, the border area of Tura Bora, selected for peace gardens.

In step 4, we select different types of fruit trees to be planted in the peace garden (persimmons, apples, and citrus family trees).

step #5 In this way, at the time of planting in three venues, participants talked about the importance of this peaceful garden as a symbol of peace, Also, a group of villagers discussed and talked about the importance of peace in life.

In all events in three districts, YVO appreciated participants about the initiative and thanks to the youths for their great work and appreciated community participation and called the garden Peace Garden.