Women Tailoring VTC

YVO In close coordination and communication with community elders and other key stakeholders, 118 female trainees were selected for tailoring vocational skill training for the duration of 9 months in the targeted communities of Kot, Batikot, Lalpora, and Momandra districts of Nangarhar province.

Women from these four districts learn tailoring and how to run a small tailoring business from their homes. Women enter the course not knowing the basics; they leave with a means to a livelihood and the capacity to provide for their own families sewing needs.

Poverty remains widespread in Afghanistan's struggling economy, with rural women particularly .  These classes teach women to sew a wide variety of clothing from patterns, which they can then sell. They can then make clothes for their families and set up a small home business.

During the tailoring course in the YVO Center, 118 females learned to compute budgets for clothing. They learn to design and make a variety of clothes.They also learn how to set up a home business. Literacy is also taught during class. 

Tailoring Center graduates sew their family's clothes, start a home-based business, and become sewing teachers.

Participants receive graduation packs and certificates at the end of the program.