Mobile Repair Vocational Center

YVO In close coordination and communication with community elders and other key stakeholders, 113 of male trainees were selected for mobile repairing vocational skill training for the duration of 12 months from the targeted community of Kot, Batikot, Lalpora, and Momandara districts of Nangarhar province.

Because the targeted communities’ inhabitants are so vulnerable, particularly youths who have no proper business to continue their daily lives in a suitable manner, these vocational classes enable the beneficiaries to have and make their own businesses and ensure sufficient income for their families.

Mobile repair vocational training provided by Your Voice Organization to youths at the community level aims to equip young people with the skills and knowledge needed to repair mobile devices. The program was designed to provide hands-on training to participants and includes both theoretical and practical components.

At the end of the training, participants are provided with a complete kit that includes all the tools and equipment needed to start their own mobile repair business. The kit include essential tools.

In addition to the kit, participants are also awarded certificates that recognize their completion of the training program. These certificates can help participants demonstrate their skills to potential clients and employers and can be a valuable asset in starting and growing their own business.

Overall, in this  mobile repair vocational training  which provided by YVO to youth at the community level was a valuable program that can help them  develop valuable skills, gain work experience, and start their own businesses. And as a result, beneficiaries found sustainable job opportunities and were economically empowered.