Herat Earthquake Joint Response

Herat was hit by a series of powerful earthquakes between October 7-15 with magnitudes between 5.9-6.3. OCHA estimates 114000 people in need of humanitarian assistance.

95% of the homes in the affected areas have been destroyed and those partially standing are unusable. Six districts of Herat were significantly affected, including Injil and Kushk/Rabat-e-sangai. There is a high level of destruction in Injil with a lower level of response. Similarly, Kushk/Rabat-e-sangi experienced a high level of destruction; but because of the lower number of casualties, this has not been a focus area for humanitarian response. According to the health cluster, there are high needs for MHPSS for affected people and even though there were health teams mobilized for provision of MHPSS, there are still significant gaps in both Injil and Kushk. Other key needs identified are MPC, ES/NFI especially for winterization and health. These needs are particularly urgent to address as temperatures decrease and the likelihood of road closures and inaccessibility to affected districts increases.

YVO have conducted assessments in Injil & Kushk/Rabat-e-sangi districts. Based on the assessment findings, triangulation of OCHA reports, cluster meetings, as well as coordination with the District of Economy & the other DRA partners (CARE is doing health and FSL in Kushk and Zindajan; Cordaid, WASH and MPC in Kushk and Zindajan; Tearfund is providing FSL and ES/NFI in Kushk; and World Vision health and MPC in Injil and Zindajan),

YVO proposes  -MPC for villages with varying needs,

-winterization that includes distribution of partial winterization packages and cash for -shelter/winterization in villages with consistently high levels of destruction and

-Child-friendly MHPSS as an integrated approach.

The overall intervention aims to holistically address the multisectoral & protection needs of 400 people affected by the earthquakes in IInjil & Kushk/Robatisangi in the forms of cash, NFI & MHPSS.

MPC (Injil & Kushk) distributed quickly, allowing affected families to meet their distinct needs. YVO distributed the maximum recommended amount by the cash working group of $170 to 400 HH (3500 individuals).Combined NFI & Cash for shelter/winterization

MHPSS (Injil & Kushk): YVO deploy MHPSS teams trained in PFA (aligned with MHPSS technical working group). YVO provide MHPSS people, & counsellors provide semi-structured PFA to adults & will play games, draw, & teach fun stress-relieving activities to children using child-friendly PSS kits.