School Health Journal/Health Education in Schools

We have had school health journals which run by students that promote health and wellness among the student community. Here are the steps followed during the school health journal:

We form a team: we gather a group of students in 8 high schools who are interested in health and wellness. The students had diverse skills such as writing, editing, and design.

We determine the purpose and scope of each month's student’s written topic about general health, nutrition, exercise, mental health, or a combination for other students in schools and hang it in the school journal box.

Establish a plan: each month the topic changes and a new topic is replaced in the Health Journal box, and divide responsibilities among team members for writing, editing, designing, and promoting the journal.

Set guidelines: we created rules for article submissions, formatting, etc.

Gather content: Encourage students and teachers to submit articles and personal stories related to health and wellness.

Design and layout: Design the journal's layout in flip charts using color pencils and handwriting. Make it visually appealing and easy to read.

Edit and proofread: Thoroughly edit and proofread articles before finalizing them for the health journal. The school health council makes proofreads and encourages peer reviews within the team to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the content.

Print or publish digitally: once a year, perfect topics are collected from health journals and published digitally as magazines.

promote and distribute. Distribute copies of magazines to students and teachers in middle and high schools.

Collect feedback and improve: Encourage readers to provide feedback and suggestions for future improvements. Use feedback to continuously enhance the quality and relevance of your journal.