We established school health councils in the Khawa district of Nangarhar province.

We established school health councils in the Khawa district of Nangarhar province.

Schools play a vital role in shaping the health and well-being of students. In recognition of this, we made and established school health councils to address various health-related issues. These councils consist of a group of teachers, students, and community members who collaborated to promote a safe and healthy learning environment.

Responsibilities of School Health Councils

Developing and implementing health topics school Health Journal

One of the primary responsibilities of school health councils was to develop and revise health topics which written by students. These topics which written by students cover a wide range of topics including nutrition, physical activity, substance abuse prevention, mental health support, school health councils ensure that students receive consistent, evidence-based health education that promotes positive behaviors.

Assessing the health needs of students

School health councils conduct regular assessments to determine the health needs of students.

 Collaborating with community partners

Schools cannot address health-related challenges in isolation. Health council in khiwa district work closely with community partners such as Gorik Health BHC,

Promoting health education and awareness

An essential responsibility of school health councils was to promote health education and awareness among students, teachers. They organize various educational campaigns, to inform individuals about healthy lifestyle choices, disease prevention the example of the health campaigns was flue complain

Monitoring and evaluating health programs

School health councils was responsible for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of health programs implemented within the school. This evaluation process helps councils identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.